Tips to make studying or working in the summer more bearable and productive

Although this season is synonymous with vacations, studying or working in summer is more common than you might think. If this is also your case, in this post we offer you some keys to make the most of the time you dedicate to your obligations. Thus, the more productive you are, the sooner you can put your tasks aside to enjoy your leisure time. Discover them!

Studying or working in summer

Summer is the ideal time for you to earn extra money by working or to acquire new skills. Studying languages, taking an intensive literature course or preparing for university exams in September are some of the options available to you.

Whatever your plans for June, July, August and part of September, you can also have fun and relax. To do this, you just need to get organized and learn some productivity techniques . With them, you will achieve the results you are looking for in the shortest possible time.

Productivity techniques

Getting the most out of your day and fulfilling your work or educational tasks is possible if you implement the techniques we talked about here. These are very useful tools that you can use at any time. Its results will convince you from the very first moment, since your productivity will be greatly increased.

1. Plan each day hour by hour

Establishing a day-to-day schedule with a distribution of the tasks you have to face will help you get organized. In this way, you will set a start and end time for each obligation you have to face. Knowing how much time you have available in each case, you will try to amortize it as much as possible.

Remember that the day has 24 hours. Spend eight hours working, eight hours having fun and the remaining eight hours sleeping. As you can see, there is time for everything.

2. Establish priorities

Before you start getting overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to accomplish, set priorities. To do this, draw up a list and assign each of them a category:

  • Important and urgent.
  • Important, but not urgent.
  • Less important.

Start with those that are most important and urgent, such as jobs that have a more immediate deadline. The same applies to the subjects you will soon be examining.

Once you have completed the urgent ones, tackle the next ones that need to be done less quickly. And continue with the rest that you have waiting until the list is completed in its entirety.

3. Create a work or study space

Designate a room or part of a room in your home for work or study. It should be a pleasant space , well lit, ventilated and free of distractions. Forget the television and if you play music, only play it to help you concentrate.

Try to tidy it up at the end of the day so that when you return to work, it will be in perfect condition. In addition, this simple gesture will help you avoid wasting time looking for papers or other items when you need them.

4. Take breaks and reward yourself for your achievements.

To avoid fatigue, take a break of a few minutes every hour. You can spend them, for example, enjoying a cup of coffee, getting up and getting some fresh air or checking your cell phone messages. This break will allow you to clear your mind and resume your activity with renewed strength.

On the other hand, every time you finish school work or exercises, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. You can give yourself a small gift that you are especially looking forward to:

  • Share a magazine on a topic you are passionate about.
  • Have your favorite dessert.
  • Take a walk in a corner of the city that you like.
  • Choose a day at the beach.
  • Take a short excursion.

Material to increase productivity

Now that you know which techniques are your allies when it comes to being more productive, we invite you to go one step further. Why not turn to equipment that gives you extra help in tackling your tasks? At Catwalk we specialize in stationery, reading and travel items. Choose the right elements to include in your daily work or study routines. You will notice the difference from the very first moment.

Adhesive organizer labels

These labels are ideal for organizing papers, class notes, folders, notebooks and a wide variety of objects. You will find them in different colors, in order to differentiate them by subject, priority, etc.

Another of their advantages is that they offer you the possibility of customizing the items on which you place them. Write on its surface what you want to identify.


It is one of the must-have items for those trying to organize their work or study hours. As the name suggests, this type of notebook is perfect for taking notes of all kinds. We recommend that you also get a bookmark. This way, you can make use of it whenever you want to point to the page you need to remember.

The notebook, our inseparable companion

Opt for a notebook of a size that allows you to carry it with you at all times. This will ensure that you can write down everything you want to remember:

  • The most important appointments.
  • The ideas that inspire you.
  • A sketch to reproduce later in the form of an elaborated drawing.
  • Outlines of the lessons you study.
  • The pending tasks.

Which gadget is more useful?

You will be able to answer this question yourself depending on the work you do. Which
can help you the most? It can be a headset, a wireless mouse or keyboard, a laptop, a studio lamp , a USB key, etc.

The usefulness will depend on your preferences and the activities you are required to perform. Think about what you need.

In conclusion, studying or working in summer will be easier and more productive with the recommendations we have compiled in this post. Put them into practice starting today and you will get the most out of this summer while still having fun. All your plans will be accommodated over the next few weeks.

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